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Last November, WhatsApp spot working on WhatsApp’s new update privacy controls that would allow users to hide their last seen and online statuses and their profile pictures from specific contacts, which formerly supported hiding this information on a per-contact basis. Well, it’s been seven months since also, and the Meta-owned. The platform has announced it’s rolling out those grainy options for who is allowed to see your profile data. 

The company is giving some vital steps to make the app more attractive.

WhatsApp was well-known for taking a long time to present new features. Still, social media seems to be improving its pace. To put the effects in perspective, the company has announced long-requested WhatsApp’s new privacy control features and significant upgrades in less than one year. The company launched the multi-device support and just announced “Communities” as an essential hub for group management. There are also exciting features coming for chats and file transfer. Here and now, the company is giving a vital step to make the app more interesting for those who want extended privacy. 

More controls feature heading to WhatsApp’s new update

There were three WhatsApp’s new update options for profile photos, last seen, and about info. These were “Everyone, My Contacts, and nothing.” Now, there’s a fourth option that “My contacts except.” Interestingly, this feature has been available in the Status Privacy settings. 

As usual, the feature of WhatsApp’s new update “WhatsApp logic” that’s overall. If you don’t allow people to see your info, you can’t see their info.” So consider that if you limit someone’s access to your profile picture,, Last Seen, and information about one person, this person’s data will also not be visible to you. 

Interestingly, the company is also launching many groups calling features. It allows users to mute others during a group call, while also being able to message specific people. You’ll be able to see a banner when someone joins a group call off-screen. 

You can transfer your WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android.

Still, operating in the opposite direction is more complex. Suppose it has been possible for several months to transfer your WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android quickly. But be assured, this will soon no longer be the case. 

Indeed, WhatsApp’s new update will finally ease the process of switching its WhatsApp messages and converse history from Android to iOS. The feature has announced by Mark Zuckerberg himself, CEO of Meta (the parent company of the popular messenger), in a post on Facebook this Monday, June 13, 2022. Note that this feature is presently available in its beta version. 

How does the process of switching work?

But how does it work? WhatsApp has partnered with Apple to simplify the operation with the Move to iOS application. This app can transfer contacts, message history, photos, videos, email accounts, and calendar entries from Android devices to iPhones, among other things. 

WhatsApp’s new update also allows you to download all your applications in their iOS version easily; since the icons of the apps available on the App Store appear directly on your iPhone’s home screen. Just click on it to start the installation. 

How do you transfer your data from Android to your iPhone?

When you apply the app to transfer your entire data from your Android smartphone to your iPhone, WhatsApp’s new update will show as an available data source. Therefore, all data (messages, conversation history, etc.) will move to your iPhone. 

Also, download the WhatsApp application on your new iPhone (or restore it to factory settings) and log into your account using the same phone number used on Android to validate the transfer. 

It’ll be necessary to use a smartphone under Android5.0 and an iPhone under iOS15.5. Also, if you formerly have an iOS WhatsApp chat history, it’ll be automatically overwritten by your Android device data. 

WhatsApp group can now have 512 users

The two WhatsApp’s new update features have also announced a few weeks ago. On the occasion of the release, reactions distribute on WhatsApp. i.e., the increase of the maximum limit of participants in a group in 512. It’s recommended to update the messaging, and customer to the latest version available, version2.22.12.77 on Android and22.12.73 on the App Store. 

To save the rollout has already started a few versions ago, but so far, the availability was overall in the Beta channel. The arrival is practically inevitable with the two versions mentioned above, according to the first feedback. 

It’s worth remembering that now the official WhatsApp user limit for a group is 256; this is thus a double. To check the situation of your messenger, create an empty group and also check the “add participants” screen. The counter shows the current number of users and the most available. 


The WhatsApp team continuously works on several of WhatsApp’s new update features, which they add to the messenger daily. Still, the app lacks many features available in its counterparts.

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