Apple’s USB-C iPhone could become mandatory in the U.S.


Last week, the European Union officially passed an agreement on making the USB-C iPhone charging port the mandatory standard starting in 2024. currently, a group of senators in the United States is looking to follow the proceeding, calling on the U.S. Commerce Department to take up a similar policy to address the “lack of interoperability standards for charging and other device accessories.”

USB-C charging requirement in the United States?

The letter has transferred to Gina Raimondo, the secretary of commerce in the United States, and it was signed by senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. In the letter, the three clarify that the lack of an interoperability standard in the United States results in waste and environmental damage, while also burdening consumers.

We urge you to follow the European Union’s lead in developing a perfect strategy to address unnecessary consumer costs, alleviate waste, and restore sanity and certainty to purchasing makeshift electronics, the letter explains.

According to the senators, personal charging standards such as Apple’s Lightning port are an example of “planned obsolescence” that’s “expensive and frustrating for consumers, and drives the proliferation of electronic waste.”

The new charger law help reduce waste and environmental health.
As for tackling this matter, the senators write that the United States should act no further than the E.U. The new familiar charger law in the E.U is an example of “taking on significant technology companies” to reduce waste. And “help consumers who are tired of possessing to rummage through junk drawers full of involved chargers to turn up a compatible one, or buy a new one.”

The letter urges the secretary of commerce to take the lack of common U.S. Charging standards to resolve these issues.
We were hoping you could coordinate with offices and agencies across the Department of Commerce to develop a perfect plan to keep both consumers and the environment. By addressing the lack of a common USB-C charging standard. We cannot allow the electronics industry to prioritize personal and inescapably obsolete charging technology over consumer protection and environmental health.

Apple’s response to USB-C iPhone in 2023?
It’s essential to the flashback that it took years and years for the E.U. To pass standard charging port agreements. When the efforts started to gain traction, the arrangement was to regularize micro-USB as the common standard charging port.

Apple has regularly pushed back on the European Union E.U.’s standard charger narrative, saying that such a requirement would generate more waste and stifle invention.
Regarding how it feels about the E.U. Legislation, reports indicate that Apple plans to switch to USB-C iPhone charging for the iPhone 15 in 2023. The company’s end goal is to make the iPhone fully port-less.

How will Apple respond?

My last survey indicates that the 2H23 makeshift iPhone will abandon the Lightning port and switch to a USB-C port. USB-C iPhone could improve the USB-C iPhones’ transfer and charging speed in hardware designs, but the final spec details still hang on iOS support.

It was backed by a Bloomberg report, just some days after.

Bloomberg reports that while Apple company is internally testing a USB-C iPhone design instead of Lightning, the change won’t approach ahead to next year. That puts the change on the so-called Apple iPhone 15 lineup that would probably turn up in September 2023.

Apple could go port less.

Although, we hope Apple would obey the law and have another option. It requires that mobile phones and similar radio devices if they can recharge via wired charging, are equipped with the USB Type- C holder.

That would mean it would be perfectly legit

For Apple to rather sell a portaless iPhone with no wired charging port at all. Numerous expect the company to opt for this at some point, to have slimmer, satiny devices with better waterproofing, but it seems we’ll see a USB-C iPhone before that more dramatic shift.

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