Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features. What Samsung’s Upgrading for 2022


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features in 2022. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a new skin-temperature reader, another scratch-resistant display, and a longer-lasting battery life. They are our first impressions.

What is happening

Samsung’s newest watches, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, with Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features, appeared on August 26. They feature better battery life and skin temperature sensors and promise more durability.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features.

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, it seems like Samsung has found its stride in the smartwatch space. No, it’s not that different from last year’s Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. However, the few upgrades have incremental yet ample appeal.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s battery life is over 10 hours long a new feature Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features, while the device is also more durable against scratches thanks to a sapphire crystal glass display. In addition, I reshape the bottom curve to fit wrists more naturally and increase the quantity of surface area that contacts your skin, enhancing the accuracy of sensor readings.

Speaking of health sensors, also one of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a new one feature skin-temperature reader. Otherwise, the watch position to turn into the best Samsung watch for most people and could be the best smartwatch of the year. Of course, we’ll have to test the performance before coming to conclusions, but for now, here are my first impressions from going hands-on with Samsung’s coming-gen watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price and availability

 Samsung has changed the prices of the Galaxy Watch every year, so I’m not surprised. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price starts at $279 for the 40 mm Bluetooth model. The 40 mm LTE model starts at $329. After that, the price goes up to $299 and $349 for the 44 mm configurations for Bluetooth and LTE. I’ll note this is a consistent $30 price hike compared to the Galaxy Watch 4.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the new “rugged” or outdoor sports watch given this year, costs $449 for Bluetooth and $499 for LTE. It comes in a singular 45 mm size. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic remains on sale as well.

Both watches with Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features are available for pre-order, with full availability on August 26.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 design

As you might recall, last year, the standard Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offered an updated shape and felt compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It was still sporty and indeed reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, but it had a more refined case and a seamless transition from watch to watch strap.

What Samsung's Upgrading for 2022

The Galaxy Watch 5’s digital bezel felt plenty responsive in first impressions. But unlike the option between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4vs. Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, there’s no turning bezel offered for the Galaxy Watch 5 lineup. The rotating bezel amassed fans over the years, though I’m OK seeing it phased out.

They made the display of sapphire crystal glass, which Samsung claims is stronger against scratches by 60% more than before. Otherwise, the Galaxy Watch 5’s reshaped curvature on the bottom creates more surface area for watch to- skin contact, which Samsung says helps with the accuracy of data collected from the biometric sensor. As for duration, the watch remains water-resistant up to 5ATM with an IP68 standing.

What Samsung's Upgrading for 2022

The Galaxy Watch 5 with Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features comes in four colors Graphite, Silver, Sapphire (44 mm only), and Pink Gold (40 mm only). It comes with silicone straps, but Samsung sells several interchangeable bands. I tried many newer strap designs out during this hands-on and appreciated the variety.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 health and fitness tracking.

The noblest new interior Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features is the addition of a temperature analysis sensor, which appears to exist independently of Samsung’s 3- in- 1 Bioactive sensor. In the debate last year, the Bioactive sensor reads heart rate, SpO2, and body composition via BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis.) The skin-temperature reader sits slightly off-centre on the bottom of the Galaxy Watch’s case.

From what we’ve heard, it doesn’t appear that the skin-temperature reader will be operative at launch. Samsung also hasn’t clarified what skin- temperature readings will use for — for example, in wearables like the Fitbit Sense and the Oura Ring Generation 3, it informs sleep-tracking data. Stay tuned for further details.

What Samsung's Upgrading for 2022

I know the Apple Watch upped its sleep-tracking game in watch OS 9, so Samsung could hope to celebrate up or have something better to offer. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features also an updated sleep coach designed to offer application sleep plans based on how well (or not) you’re catching zzzs. However, I still need to wear the Galaxy Watch 5 overnight to gauge the coaching experience and general accuracy.

What Samsung's Upgrading for 2022

In my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 activity test, I discovered the Galaxy Watch to be a capable fitness companion. I look ahead to putting the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 through the same tests, so stay tuned. I’m also known for post-workout updates on my Twitter account, so throw me a follow if you want to see more day-to-day experiences with Samsung’s latest smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with Wear OS

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 runs with Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features Wear OS powered by Samsung, which means Google’s smartwatch software is at the foundation of the experience, but it’s layered by multiple of Samsung’s in-house apps, watch faces, and menus. It also means that the smartwatch should pair and sync effortlessly with other Samsung devices in the same user ecosystem.

What Samsung's Upgrading for 2022

Ear OS 3’s biggest perk is its rise of Google services, namely Gmail, Google Maps, and, more now, for Galaxy Watch devices, Google Assistant. Of course, these are all things the Google Pixel Watch will have when it debuts, but for now, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is shaping up to be the best smartwatch for Android.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 battery life

The Galaxy Watch 5 has a 15-bigger battery than the Galaxy Watch 4, promising up to 50 hours of battery life. That’s about ten more hours than before. That said, I set up the Galaxy Watch lasts closer to 24 or “all day” with always-on display( AOD) enabled and a few hours of GPS use or fitness tracking. Still, I hope I’ll notice advancements in stamina when I spend more time with the Galaxy Watch 5.

As for the asking, Samsung says an 8- minute charge should get you 8 hours of sleep tracking, and the smartwatch can recharge to 45 in just 30 minutes. That’s nearly a full charge in one hour, but I’ll have to see how it pans out in testing.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 outlook

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 All new features seems to introduce a good collection of incremental upgrades. It doesn’t make any radical changes but improves two pillars that are important to smartwatch users’ health-tracking and battery life. The temperature sensor is interesting, though if it’s not available yet, there could be a reason to stay to buy.


Starting price: $279
Colors: Graphite, Silver, Sapphire, Pink Gold
Size : 44.4 × 43.3 × 9.8 mm (44 mm) / 39.3 × 40.4 × 9.8 mm (40 mm)
Weight: 1.18 oz (44 mm) / 1.01 oz (40 mm)
Display: 1.4 in, 450 × 450 (44 mm) / 1.2 in, 396 × 396 (40 mm)
Processor: Exons W920
Memory: 1.5 GB RAM + 16 GB
Battery life (rated): 50 hours
 5ATM + IP68
Connectivity: Bluetooth, LTE, NFC, GPS
Compatibility: Android 8.0 or higher

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