Google Pixel Watch tipped to be more powerful than we thought


Hello guys, I hope you are all doing great. We are back. After a long time, this year’s Google Pixel watch was finally unveiled by Google IO. A few days back, though, the company was particularly cagey about its specifications. Well, we didn’t get to hear a lot aside from the fact that it would also be launching alongside the pixel 7 series.

The Google Pixel Watch will be more potent than we thought.

But now a new report from 9to5Google has appeared suggesting that it’s going to pack the Exynos 9110, a chipset that launched four years ago chipset.

However, according to sources speaking to 9to5Google, the Google Pixel Watch will exploit a second chipset to help share the load (for reference, the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ does something similar).

The full capabilities of this coprocessor are quietly unconfirmed. Still, it could potentially take care of specific tasks like managing the always-on display and monitoring health and fitness statistics.

What does it look like?

So, let’s talk about the specs. Overall the watch looks minimal and sleek and renders also. If you have the galaxy watch active two, you can see that there are a lot of resemblances. The rotating crown is the only difference that makes its Google Pixel Watch unique from the outside. A few leaked images show that the watch has a stainless-steel case. And it has about the same bezel as the one present on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. According to the person who led the Google Pixel watch on Reddit.

Google Pixel Watch tipped to be more powerful than we thought

It is about 36 grams in weight without watch bands. The dial is about 40 millimeters, including that bezel. The watch also has a speaker on one side with a hole for the microphone. The quality is outstanding according to the source, Google Pixel Watch will be available in two sizes with different watch band colors. It will also have its google mid-chip, which will run on a rear OS 3.1, and yes, it will have Google Assistant.

More RAM too

This latest leak also states that the Google Pixel Watch will have more RAM than any other Wear OS smartwatch on demand (so more than the1.5 GB of RAM that you will find inside the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4). That upgraded internals should help to ensure a smooth user experience and faster performance, assuaging some of the worries expressed when the Exynos 9110 news broke. After all, we’re talking about a flagship wearable from Google that will long anticipated.

The positives of working with Fitbit and Samsung

Although it’s now official, we still do not have all those numerous details about the Pixel Watch – and until it goes on sale, the rumors are probable to keep on coming. Google revealed little information at Google IO 2022, but questions remain.

Another cooperation that Google and the Google Pixel Watch are benefitting from is the one with Samsung. The chipset design follows the one Samsung has used for the Exynos chipsets, improving efficiency and performance.

A lot of Fitbit features will be available on this watch

As soon as possible, the most exciting thing about the pixel watch is the partnership with Fitbit, which means a lot of Fitbit features will be available on this watch. We know that the smartwatch will work well with Google’s services, as you would expect. On the back of Google’s accession of Fitbit, some of the Fitbit expertise in terms of sensor accuracy will make its way to the Pixel Watch.

How much will its price be?

The watch will be available this fall with a price tag of 300 to 400 dollars. Depending on which size you go with, When compared to the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy watch 4, I think so it’s pretty good google also mentioned the massive success of veros, thanks to huge sales from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.


With so important riding on this device and this launch, Google has made smart moves in leaning on the likes of Fitbit and Samsung – manufacturers with much more experience in this field. We will have to stay and see if it pays off.

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