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However, you’re not wrong, if you feel like you’re constantly asking to update Chrome version 102. Google issues new updates for its web browser, usually to patch new security vulnerabilities as they’re discovering. With this latest update, you’re getting patches for 32 similar flaws and a sprinkle of exciting and valuable new features, which make updating to Chrome version 102 a no-brainer.

While we see standalone security patches released, when necessary, Google tends to update Chrome-like clockwork every four weeks. The last version, Chrome 101, launched on April 26, making minor UI tweaks and adding the ability to add notes to entries in Chrome’s password manager. While Chrome version 102 isn’t a feature-filled update, it has more going on than version 101.

The keyboard shortcut for tab management.

After updating to Chrome version 102, you’ll be suitable to move your active tab around using a keyboard shortcut without requiring you to drag the tab with your cursor. To rearrange the tab, hold down Control Shift Page Up or Page Down. However, you’ll likely need to use FN Up or Down, if your keyboard doesn’t have Page Up or Page Down keys.

Open files through web apps.

There are two new web app features with Chrome version 102. The pioneer is the ability for web apps to open files on your computer if the developer has programmed them. For example, a web app may allow you to click on an element that launches a file in your word processor.

Web apps shouldn’t reload as often.

When using web apps, it’s common for the whole app to reload when changing pages. Chrome version 102 should limit that behavior, making it simple for web apps to move between pages without requiring to refresh.

Learn more about new stores (in testing)

Google is testing a new Chrome feature in version 102. When you visit a store’s website for the first time, a pop-up will ask if you want to learn more about the store — say, to out that store’s Google reviews. To see if this feature works on your end, activate its flag in chrome// flags/#page- info- about- this- place.

Control a presentation from a separate tab. (Demo)

This update’s significant for those who frequent current slideshows over video calls. Soon, everyone will have the option to control slides without actually having the slideshow’s tab open. That will allow you to open the video call’s tab and see your audience, rather than keeping your full attention to the presentation you probably know by heart. This feature is right now in demo mode, so if you need to experience it, check out this interactive site to learn more.

Security patches for 32 vulnerabilities

The most important aspect of this update is that it patches 32 security vulnerabilities in earlier versions. One is rated “ critical, ” while eight are rated “ high. ” While the rest are rated “ medium ” and “ low ”, and none of the flaws makes to have been exploited by hackers, it’s essential to protect your browser right now that these vulnerabilities are public knowledge.

The nine critical and high-rate vulnerabilities that will be fixed with this Chrome update:

  1. High CVE-2022-1861: Use after free in Sharing. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2022-04-16
  2. Critical CVE-2022-1853: Use after free in Indexed DB. Reported by Anonymous on 2022-05-12
  3. High CVE-2022-1857: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API. Reported by Daniel Rhea on 2021-07-11
  4. High CVE-2022-1858: Out of bounds read in DevTools. Reported by EllisVlad on 2022-04-07
  5. High CVE-2022-1859: Use after free in Performance Manager. Reported by Guannan Wang (@Keenan7310) of Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab on 2022-05-05
  6. High CVE-2022-1854: Use after free in ANGLE. Reported by SeongHwan Park (SeHwa) on 2022-04-27
  7. High CVE-2022-1855: Use after free in Messaging. Reported by Anonymous on 2021-07-13
  8. High CVE-2022-1856: Use after free in User Education. Reported by Nan Wang(@eternalsakura13) and Guang Gong of 360 Alpha Lab on 2022-05-06
  9. High CVE-2022-1860: Use after free in UI Foundations. Reported by @ginggilBesel on 2022-02-15

Google Lens comes to Chrome for searching using images from web pages.

Everything New in Chrome version 102 | Chrome new update

Google has been working to integrate its visual search tools from Google Lens into its browser to enable new types of searches that can finger what you see, not just search for things your class. Now, Google is rolling out a new way to use Google Lens on the desktop. First, by opening a new tab to perform a search, you’ll be able to use Lens on the same page in your Chrome browser to translate an image’s text, identify an object in an image, or get the source from an image.

How to explore images with Google Lens?

Present’s update will allow Chrome browser users on desktop to right-click on any image on a web page, then go to the new menu option “explore image with Google Lens”. It is the same menu where, moment, you could save or copy the image or open it in a new tab.

You can search for more information about the photo by using Lens.

It will open a set of search results in a new panel on the side of the web page with more information about the photo. You can also click a button to find the image source, which lets you see other web pages that include that same image. You could also translate text in the image or use Lens to help you identify what’s in the photo.

How to update Chrome to version 102

To update Chrome, click the three dots in the top right, hover over “ Help, ” and choose “ About Google Chrome. ” Allow Chrome to check for a new update. If it’s available, click “Relaunch. ” When Chrome restarts, it should be running version 102.


Google says the new feature is starting for all Chrome users and is part of its more significant efforts to help people search more intuitively.

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