Samsung Unveils Industry’s latest 200MP Samsung’s Smallest 200MP sensor


Samsung will help manufacturers keep their smartphones ultra-thin.

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the Samsung’s Smallest 200MP sensor ISOCELL HP3, its latest 200-megapixel camera sensor that will help manufacturers keep their premium smartphones ultra-thin. Despite featuring some of the lowest pixels yet, the sensor includes technology like autofocus capability in every pixel, binning for better low light capabilities and multi-grain ISO ultimate dynamic range.

Epic Resolution Beyond Pro Levels

Since its first 108MP image sensor rollout in 2019, Samsung has been leading the next-generation, ultra-high-resolution camera development trend. Through the steady launch of new image sensors and upgrades in performance, the company is again forging ahead to Samsung’s Smallest 200MP sensor with the 0.56μm 200MP ISOCELL HP3.

ISOCELL HP3 is the industry’s highly thin megapixel sensor.

The HP3 sensor is1/1.4- inches, pretty large for a smartphone, but highly thin to a 200- megapixel sensor. Samsung claims it has the industry’s lowest pixels at0.56 microns, 20% per cent lower than the the0.64 micron pixels of the ISOCELL HP1 launched last year. Still, that is not like accurate, as Chinese manufacturer OmniVision unveiled a 200- megapixel sensor with the same 0.56-micron pixel size back in February.

Samsung’s latest 200-megapixel smartphone sensor has smaller pixels than all of Samsung.

Still, Samsung’s sensor has some nice tech tricks. And the Super QPD tech uses a single lens over four pixels, allowing quicker and more accurate autofocus. It can also be four 0.56 micron pixels into a larger 1.12 micron 50- megapixel sensor for better low light capability, even combine 16 pixels into one 2.24 microns in size. That is considerably lower than the maximum camera sensor pixels (Sony’s 61- megapixel full-frame A7R IV sensor has 3.76-micron pixels) but should allow for a decent low-light shooting capability.

Samsung’s Super QPD autofocus system would be the best, with a faster and sharper focus.

Samsung’s Smallest 200MP sensor has a Super QPD autofocus system. Which uses a single lens over four adjacent pixels to identify phase differences in vertical and vertical angles. It would be best if you were concerned that this promises faster and sharper focus.

The ISOCELL HP3 allows you with High-resolution photos and 8K video at 30 fps and 4K at 120 fps.

In addition to high-resolution photos, Samsung’s Smallest 200MP sensor allows for 8K video at 30 fps and 4K at 120 fps while using nearly the entire sensor range. Eventually, it offers 14- bit color depth (4 trillion colors), quadrupling the 12- bit depth of most smartphone sensors. Mass production has set to begin this year, and you will probably see 200- megapixel phones using the sensor.

Samsung has continuously led the image sensor market. Current is technology leadership in high-resolution sensors with the lowest pixels, said JoonSeo Yim, Executive Vice President of the Sensor Business Team at Samsung Electronics. With our latest and upgraded 0.56μm 200MP ISOCELL HP3, Samsung will push on to deliver epic resolutions beyond professional situations for smartphone camera users.

The smart ISO Pro brings low, mid, and high data with more than 4 trillion colors.

The manufacturer talks about the addition of Smart-ISO Pro. This brings together data from low, mid, and high ISO modes for improved HDR images, with support for more than 4 trillion colors (14- bit depth), which is 64x better than the ISOCELL HP1.


While this feature set looks promising, we are not anticipating the use of the Samsung’s Smallest 200MP sensor. An ISOCELL HP3 sensor on a commercially available smartphone anytime soon — we still have not seen gotten our first phone with the HP1 image sensor. That means we may have to stay until at least 2023 or beyond to see what the ISOCELL HP3 can do in a new Galaxy smartphone.

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