Nothing Phone 1 is shown off with a flashy LED system


Nothing Phone 1, the smartphone creation of CEO Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, is formerly again testing the efficacy of its hype machine. The world knew The company for its economical earbuds, the Ear (1), which offer enough impressive bang for the buck at $100. It’s also been relentlessly teasing the forthcoming launch of the phone (1), its first Android flagship, without offering numerous concrete details about its abilities beyond a look at the bundled launcher. Now, the hype machine continues, looking at the phone’s lighting system and an early opportunity to order it.

Here’s what the lights on the Nothing Phone 1 can do?

Besides just looking cool, there are some functions that the lights on Nothing Phone 1 can do.

Lights up to indicate notifications

So, the notification LED on the back of a phone has been a dying breed lately.

Lights up to indicate notifications

You don’t see very much, but when you do, which is rare, it’s lovely to have a subtle little glowing LED that tells you what’s going on. You can know if you have a new phone call, a text message, or a recent tweet. And this is an exaggerated all-out version of that.

Nothing Phone 1 is fitted with 900 LEDs.

So, over 900 LEDs are making up a pattern across the whole back of this Nothing Phone 1. Around the dual cameras, around the wireless-charging pad in the middle. And then some stripes up into the corner and then down by the charging port at the bottom. And they do an excellent job frosting over them. So, the glow cleanly appears as just a solid continuous light bar.

Nothing Phone (1) is fitted with 900 LEDs.

So, they call it the Glyph Interface, which has a bunch of functionalities.

Glows when you use reverse wireless charging.

Glows when you use reverse wireless charging.

So, first, it lights up and pulses for your notifications. It’ll also light up and glow when you’re wireless charging or reverse wireless charging, which is neat.

The bottom light is an indicator for wired charging progress (shake to show)

Here’s a feature where, when you plug into a USB-C to charge, it lights up that bottom bar and then acts as a progress bar indicator.

The bottom light is an indicator for wired charging progress (shake to show)

And, of course, you wouldn’t want that to stay lit up all the time, so it turns off, but anytime you want to check on it. all you have to do is just wiggle the phone a little, and it lights up again, so you can see how far you’ve gotten.

Fill light for cameras.

The entire Glyph Interface can light up at once as a fill light for the cameras.

Fill light for cameras.

These are pretty bright LEDs. Usually, some rays on the back of a phone. I wouldn’t say it makes much difference, but for some close-up subjects or in darker rooms. That can make a difference from the usual flash on the back of the phone.

Blinking red light when recording videos.

Plus, there is a blinking red light on the back here, which is a recording indicator for when you’re recording videos.

Blinking red light when recording videos.

And then the Nothing Phone 1 has built an entire user interface into the settings that let you control exactly how the lights work when they turn on and what they light up

Blink lights to match built-in ringtones.

So, the most impressive part to me is that there are ten built-in ringtones, and you might not use ringtones that much, but these are cool.

Blink lights to match built-in ringtones.

Each has a light pattern that perfectly matches the ringtone, so you can pair ringtones to specific contacts. So, when you see a particular light pattern, even when the phone is mute. You know who’s calling you just by looking at it, and to lunch, you’ll be able to have different light patterns for notifications from other apps too.

I imagine they can add more stuff like this through software updates over time, but that is an exciting new feature in a smartphone. We don’t see that very often, so that’s pretty cool. Now whether it’ll be enough to get people to buy the phone or whether it impresses people who would usually put a case on their phone anyway will have to wait until lunch to see.

What does the Nothing Phone 1 look like?

The most common description I’ve seen of the look of this Nothing Phone 1 is, “Oh, it just looks like an iPhone 12 with a transparent back,” which is sure. With the dual cameras and the general shape, you could reduce it to that if you want to. But also, that’s pretty cool. But a clear-backed iPhone 12 would look like this, which is slightly different. So, love it or hate it, Nothing’s Phone looks different. So, no matter what happens with the rest of the phone, mission accomplished there.


Still, it’s a wonder if the Nothing Phone1 will have that opportunity. We won’t know if the Nothing Phone 1 has U.S. Carrier support until the official event. But without it, the Nothing Phone 1 could be felt in appearance. Apple and Samsung dominate the U.S. Maps in market share, and their transport relationships partly help both. While the gadget hype can do wonders for helping escape the doldrums of a society trudging through a never-ending pandemic. It isn’t very sure to be the thing that knocks Apple off its throne, at least the way Pei intends.

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