Apple Launches 2022 Apple’s Back to School Offer: Get up to $150 in gift cards.


Apple holds Apple’s Back to School offer (now known as the Higher Education Offer to avoid confusion) every year. It offers a free product – ordinarily AirPods – with purchases of qualifying Apple products.

Still, Apple isn’t presenting away AirPods this year. Instead, Apple is offering gift cards with qualifying purchases.
This year’s deal disagreed on Friday, June 24, in the U.S. The same agreement is probable to launch in the U.K. And Europe in July.

This Apple’s Back to School Offer deal is in addition to the year-long discounts Apple offers to educational institutions and students on its Macs and iPads. We explain everything you need to know about Apple’s Back to School Offer, how much you can save as a student, and explain how to use Apple’s Education Store in this guide to shopping in the Apple Education Store.

What’s Apple’s Back to School offer in 2022?

Apple is offering vouchers for the Higher Education Deal this summer. Apple also provides vouchers during its Black Friday shopping event, and just as with that deal, there are different voucher values associated with other Apple products.
Buy an iPad Air (5th Gen), iPad Pro 11- inch or 12.9- inch, and get a $100 Apple Gift Card.
Buy a MacBook Air, 13- inch, 14- inch, or 16- inch MacBook Pro, or a 24- inch iMac and pick up a $150 Apple Gift Card.

Vouchers mean those taking advantage of the deal get other choices about what they spend their money on, rather than being limited to headphones. The second-Gen AirPods start at $129, so if you buy a Mac this year, you can technically save more. Still, in 2021, the AirPods started at $159, and you could apply that price toward purchasing AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.
All products sold to students via Apple’s Education Store take in a discount, so you’ll earlier be making a saving on any of these products.

In addition, students can get 20 percent off AppleCare.
The terms and conditions of Apple’s Back to School Offer deal are present. Apple’s Back to School Offer deal has formerly run in Australia and other venues in the Southern Hemisphere this year (from January 6 to March 14), when Apple gave away AirPods. Every year, Apple’s education event starts in the U.S. in mid-June and in the U.K. And Europe in July, so if you are in that part of the world, that’s the time to take advantage!

How to get Apple’s Back to School deal

If you are grounded in that area where, Apple is currently running the Apple’s Back to School Offer. And you are a student in higher education or about to start higher education. You can qualify for Apple’s Higher Education deal and get a free pair of AirPods (or vouchers if that’s the value). There are further details about whom the agreement applies below.

Note that if you qualify, you’re suitable to get discounts all year round by shopping in the Apple Education Store, so you don’t need to shop now to get a bargain.

Due to differences in when the school time starts around the globe, Apple runs the promotion of Apple’s Back to School Offer at different times.

Apple runs the promotion in the Southern Hemisphere in the first several months of the year. Hence, if you live in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and South America, you can take advantage of Apple’s deal between January 6 and March 14.

The same deal will run in the year in the U.K., U.S., Canada, and Europe. Generally, between June and September in North America, and between July and October in Europe and the U.K.

In the U.S., you’ll be able to visit Apple’s U.S. Education Store, but registering from your university network may make the process easier.

You can visit the U.K. Education Store, but you’ll also need to verify your student or staff status with Uni DAYS.
When you make your purchase, you’ll be suitable to request the Apple Gift Card.

When is Apple’s Back to School Sale 2022?

Apple’s Back to School Offer will run from June 24 to September 26, 2022, in the U.S. And Canada. In the U.K. And Europe, it mainly runs from mid-July to October. The sale occurs between January and March in Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Apple’s education discounts are available all year round.

Who can get Apple’s Back to School Offer?

Still, at universities and colleges, you’ll qualify for the free AirPods deal and Apple’s usual education discount, If you did register at a higher education facility (that spot-K12 education. Employees of these institutions can also qualify. You can also allow if you’re a parent for your student seed.
Alternately, you’re also eligible if you’re an employee of a public or private K- 12 institution/ academy in the U.S. Or Canada. Apple’s Education pricing isn’t available to parents with kids at school, but a home school teacher can qualify.
Indeed, when Apple isn’t running the Apple’s Back to School Offer, students, and educational institutions can still take advantage of its standard educational pricing on its Educational Pricing page

Which iPads included in Apple’s Back to School deal?

Every Apple product you can’t buy in the Education Store had formed in the free AirPods deal.
For 2022, Apple had the following iPads
iPad Air (5th Gen)
iPad Pro 11- in
iPad Pro12.9- inch.

Which Macs had included in Apple’s Back to School deal?

If you qualify for Apple’s Back to School AirPods, you must buy one of the following Macs.
MacBook Air
13- inch MacBook Pro
14- inch or 16- inch MacBook Pro
24- inch iMac
You’ll also be qualified to take advantage of education pricing for those Macs. This year, the Mac mini is counting from the voucher offer.

If you don’t qualify for an education discount, look at these roundups of the best deals on a new Mac.

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