iPhone 14 colors: What the rumors say and our predictions for this fall’s


The latest word on rumored for this fall’s iPhone 14 colors. Outside the future iPhone’s release date, many things about Apple’s upcoming phones inspire further speculation than the colors of each new model will come. And though we may be several months out of the iPhone 14 launch, rumors about the new phone’s colors are formerly underway.

The colors will affect our first impression of the new phones.

It’s easy to figure out why there is so much color talk any time a new iPhone is in the works — besides the iPhone 14 display, the colors will be the first thing we see on Apple’s latest devices. They represent Apple’s chance to put a unique stamp on this round of updates, particularly with the iPhone 14 expected to look a lot like its predecessor. Indeed, with the iPhone 14 Pro allegedly ditching the notch for a pair of cutouts).

iPhone 14 colors will not be the most significant point on Apple’s new phones. Not when the Pro models are in line to get a 48MP primary camera and a new A16 processor, while an iPhone 14 Max model could get a more affordable 6.7- inch handset in Apple’s lineup. But they will play a role in our first impression of the new phones when they arrive this year.

What can we expect from iPhone 14 colors?

So what can we expect in terms of iPhone 14 colors? Early rumors do not hint at a radical departure from the colors we’ve heard, with one big exception. With the understanding that more color options could emerge between now and the iPhone 14 release date, then, is what we have heard so far about Apple’s alleged color choices for its following phones.

iPhone 14 colors: What we have heard so far

The most prominent iPhone 14 colors rumor emerged in April. When a now-deleted Weibo post spotted by Apple Track (opens in new tab) claimed that a purple iPhone option was on the way. That same post on the Chinese social networking site also ensured that Apple would further swap out the usual deep blue iPhone13 color for sky blue.

It’s not exactly the iPhone 14 due for a purple makeover. The same rumor claims the iPhone 14 Pro will take in a purple option, though likely a darker matte shade in keeping with the style of Apple’s Pro handsets.

That wouldn’t be the first time Apple dabbled in purple. In the spring of 2021, the company released purple versions of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, six months after the phones primarily debuted. (Apple repeated that trick this spring with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, only this time the new shade was green.) The iPhone 11 also came in purple.

Subsequent iPhone 14 colors rumors have debunked the notion that a purple option is a go for this fall’s phone. In actuality, newer reports have included renders of a purple iPhone 14 Pro, though these have been unofficial renders based entirely on rumors.

MacRumors outlined the status of the iPhone 14 color.

In May, MacRumors (opens in new tab) outlined the status of iPhone 14 colors rumors, with the addition of the purple accessory the most ultra change. Else, the report has the black, white, blue, and (Product) Red options that frame up the current iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 sections.

Note that Apple has started selling its black and white phones” Midnight” and” Starlight,” respectively. The pink and green colors will break this time around.

As for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the new purple hue would join silver, gold, and graphite as the reported color options. The Sierra Blue color has been available for the iPhone 13 Pro’s launch. And the Alpine Green version presented in the spring will drop from the lineup.

iPhone 14 colors: A look at recent models

When weighing which iPhone 14 colors rumor to believe, it occasionally helps to go back and review Apple’s recent record. The colors Apple preliminarily used may not tell us much about future options, but the number of colors available at launch can be very effective.


You can spot a few trends in that chart. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 debuted with five color options, ultimately adding a sixth option to match the half-dozen colors that the iPhone 11 came by. The Pro series features the fewest votes — just four for each model year in the last three years.

The standard iPhones — which include the 6.1- inch model, plus the mini in years that Apple puts out a more compact flagship — always feature black, white, and Product (Red) options. The remaining colors vary from year to year. Meanwhile, the Pro and Pro Max models naturally offer Graphite. Or Space Gray, if you want to go old school alongside silver and gold. A fourth color rounds out the Pro options.

iPhone 14 colors: What we expect to see

Given Apple’s track history in recent times, it seems reasonable to anticipate that Apple will offer five choices in iPhone 14/ iPhone 14 Max colors and four options for the Pro models. We would expect the black, white and red options to return for the iPhone 14, while graphite, silver, and gold feel nailed on for the iPhone 14 Pro.

That leaves two slots for the standard iPhone models and one remaining option for the Pros. It presented that the purple hue is the only patient rumor out there. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will feature that color, though we expect the pro version to be more subdued.


As for the remaining iPhone 14, the color will probably come down to which of the three standard colors — blue, pink, or green — has sold the best for the iPhone 13. We wouldn’t rule out blue being the exclusive survivor, though we are not sure about the sky blue rumor that came up on Weibo in April. Still, the green iPhone 13 strikes us as stylish enough, and we would hate to see it disappear so soon after arriving.

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