Twitter is testing Twitter’s New Status feature to Make Tweeting more context for your followers.


Twitter is testing out Twitter’s New Status feature that lets users select from a pre-set menu of vibes. Have you thought, “I’m about to tweet, but that’s not sufficiently self-expression? I want to tell the internet how I feel?” If so, you’re in luck — perhaps as long as your natural internal feelings align with the options in Twitter’s new status feature, which is now in testing. The conception was suggested in a leak before this year. But has come to fruition. 

A new Status feature for Twitter users.

A new Status feature has started appearing for some Twitter users that lets them assign one of the several-written labels to their tweets. A point person for the company confirmed the limited test in a statement given to TechCrunch, while Twitter users have been sharing screenshots of the feature in action. 

The new Status feature gives more context to your followers.

“For a limited time, we’re testing a feature that lets you add status content from a predetermined list to your Tweets to give extra context for your followers,” Twitter reported to Gizmodo in a statement. “So whether you’re near to drop a hot Tweet thread, share your shower opinions, or have a wrong case of the Mondays, your Tweets can more convey what you’re up to.” Yikes/ Cringe. 

Twitter’s New Status feature lets users add an emoji and short phrase to posts. According to screenshots posted on the site, there are no custom statuses, only about 16 pre-set ones. For example, you could tweet out top-tier content like “Ugh, further work deadlines” along with the Case of the Mondays” status to embody the vibe of a literal water cooler. Or you could telegraph your Unpopular opinion” even louder. 

Twitter’s New Status feature let users connect them to specific tweets.

The in-development feature was earlier discovered in Twitter’s code by app researcher Jane Manchu Wong. Statuses could post to either a tweet or an all-around profile at the time, but this latest test only seems to let users connect them to specific tweets. You can click a status to find other tweets containing those exact words.

If Twitter’s New Status feature reminds you of the old Live Journal or AIM statuses, then we wouldn’t accuse you. But more impressive is the feature’s roots in Twitter’s history. 

Twitter is testing Twitter's New Status feature to Make Tweeting more context for your followers.

This Gizmodo writer’s favorite option: the bland, extra-unnecessary, space-holder-style feels-like-a-mistake usual status. Like, what does that indeed mean? Isn’t it self-explanatory that every tweet is naturally a declaration of one’s current position? 

Twitter is strictly a site for people to paste and post links to articles they haven’t read, make “some particular news.” announcements, and ask the void things like “anyone another feeling nervous about the collapse of modern society???” What difference could a status convey that people aren’t already sharing? 

 But I digress. Each tweet among test users can get its status update, unveiling statuses below a user’s handle and above their actual post. A Twitter status is temporary ( unlike Live Journal moods), accompanying only the tweet charged to it and evaporating into the internet mist. 

There’s no word on whether Twitter’s New Status feature might get a broad rollout. It’s part of a growing list of ingrowth features on the social media network. It includes mixed-media tweets that could let you add images and videos to a single post, a downvote button, and the option to give awards to tweets.


However, even though it’s not exactly Live Journal moods, Twitter’s New Status feature feels like a blast from the past. It’s reminiscent of prematurely online years when AOL instant messenger statuses, away messages, and Myspace reined. In a way, it’s so regressive it’s almost refreshing. Social media sites, Twitter included, have been testing hard to imitate their present competitors (mostly TikTok). So why not take a look back to move forward?

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