Twitter started testing a new CoTweets feature to allow users to band on tweets.


Twitter is testing a new CoTweets feature to allow users to band on tweets. It’s called CoTweet, and it lets you invite another account to co-author a tweet with you, basically sharing ownership of a single message. Both names will show on the tweet as co-authors. 

The CoTweet’s feature is now for some users for a limited time.

The CoTweets feature allows two accounts to co-author a tweet and both tagged in a single tweet. Twitter has confirmed that this new feature is now quick for some users for a limited time. The company started experimenting with the idea before this year. 

“We’re remaining to explore new ways for people to collaborate on Twitter,” explains Twitter speaker Joseph J. Nuñez, in an account to The Verge. “We’re testing CoTweets for a limited time to learn how people and brands may use this feature to grow, reach new following, and strengthen their collaborations with different accounts.” 

In a tweet from the Twitter Create account, the company argued the feature is available for chosen accounts in the US, Canada, and Korea. This FAQ has further information on how it works and what it qualifies. 

What’s a CoTweet? 

A CoTweet is a co-authored Tweet posted simultaneously to both authors’ profiles and their followers’ timelines. You’ll recognize a CoTweet when you see two authors’ profile pictures and usernames in the header. CoTweets help authors share the spotlight, unlock opportunities for engaging new following and enhance their established relations. 

How does the CoTweets feature work? 

When two authors decide to CoTweet, the first step is to perfect the content they’d like to share. We suggest using Direct Messages to collaborate. 

Once an author prepares to message, an author creates the CoTweet and initiates an invitation to the co-author. When the co-author accepts the CoTweet invitation, the CoTweet instantly posts to each author’s profile and both of their followers’ timelines. 

How do you draft a CoTweet? 

Open the Tweet composer. Add the authored messaging and tap the CoTweet icon. Select a co-author from your follower list, and tap Send invite. 

A CoTweet’s content can edit or shape after sending the invitation? 

CoTweet content can’t edit or acclimate after a CoTweet invite transfer. 

Still, you can cancel the CoTweet and start again, If you need to change a CoTweet’s content after sending an invitation. 

What happens after I send a CoTweet invite? 

After sending a CoTweet invite, the co-author can accept or reject the invitation. 

Still, the CoTweet posts to each author’s profile and both of their followers’ timelines. If the CoTweet accepts by the co-author who received the invite. 

Still, the CoTweet invite will delete, If the CoTweet invites decline. 

Who can invite you to CoTweet with you? 

You can send Co-Tweet invites to people that follow you and have public accounts. 

Can you CoTweet with multiple people? 

Since only two authors can turn up on a CoTweet’s header at one time, you can only invite one co-author per CoTweet. You can send numerous CoTweet invites as you’d like. 

How is a CoTweet different from a standard Tweet? 

While a standard Tweet has a single author, a Co-Tweet has two authors (author and co-author) that share ownership and audience. Other similarities and differences include. 

Retweet: Anyone on Twitter can ReTweet a CoTweet. 

Quote Tweet: Anyone can Quote Tweet, a CoTweet. Two authors can also Quote Tweets together. 

Pin: just the Co-Tweet author who sent the invite can pin the CoTweet to their profile. 

Threads: Only the first Tweet on Twitter in a line can be a CoTweet. 

Links, Polls, and media: Like standard Tweets, CoTweet can include Polls, GIFs, photos, videos, and links to Communities and Spaces. 

Promotions: You cannot promote a Co-Tweet. 

 Chat controls and author moderated replies: The CoTweet author who sent the invite can manage these. 

Instagram has also offered a similar co-author feature.

Instagram has offered a similar co-author feature on Instagram since last year. And it’s reasonable to accept that influencers and trademarks will quickly use a Twitter feature like this. I can’t wait to see how Wendy’s, the burger joint that’s forever going viral, uses CoTweets to rally its next Twitter victim. 


Several Twitter users have been testing the new CoTweets feature. The experience allows a primary tweet author to invite someone differently to be tagged in the tweet and argue the contents over DM. Another account needs to confirm the co-authored tweet, and the performing tweet shows two people co-author it, but replies are only direct toward the principal author of the tweet. You must visit the tweets directly, as Twitter’s embed feature does not update to support CoTweets.

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