Apple’s five new iPhone features in iOS 16 will make your life easier.


Apple’s next version of iOS has five new iPhone features in iOS 16. that’ll make your life easier. We’re only a few short weeks from the official iOS 16 release. Barring any unexpected developments, new iPhone features in iOS 16 will appear in late September, a few days after the iPhone 14 drops. As we saw at WWDC, iOS 16 is chockablock of new features and performance advancements that, taken together, will improve the overall user experience. 

Still, we’ve got you covered, If you were to miss the WWDC keynote and aren’t exactly sure about what the five new iPhone features in iOS 16 release will bring to the table. Below, Apple featured five new iPhone features in iOS 16 that will make your life a little easier. 

Live Activities

Live Activities

Right off the bat, we’ve to start with Live Activities. While this feature may not appear until iOS16.1, it’s surely one feature of the five new iPhone features in the iOS 16 release that I’m incredibly excited about. 

With Live Activities, users can instantly keep tabs on individual events in real-time from the lock screen. So, imagine you’re keeping tabs on a basketball game in progress. Rather than opening up your iPhone, unlocking it, and firing up the ESPN app, you’ll be able to see the live score as it changes from the lock screen. 

Another interesting use case is the ability to track an upcoming Uber or food delivery service without directly accessing the app. 

Personal Lock Screen customizations.

Personal Lock Screen customizations.

Compared to Android, Apple has historically shied away from allowing users to tweak the look and feel of their device. With the five new iPhone features in iOS 16 release, that’s poise to change. 

One of the five new iPhone features in iOS 16 is the ability to customize the look and feel of the iPhone lock screen. As Apple demonstrated at WWDC, this includes the ability to choose between a wide array of fonts, colors, designs, backdrops, and background wallpapers. The possibilities are unlimited and will surely be a hit with users.

One cool feature of five new iPhone features in iOS 16 implementation is that users can save multiple lock screen designs and lightly shuffle between them throughout the day or however they want. 

Apple Pay Later 

Another iPhone feature from five new iPhone features in iOS 16 release that will make your life easier is Apple Pay Later. As it stands now, Apple Pay was formerly an ideal and intuitive experience. And with Apple Pay Later, Apple will take the service to the next level. 

With this new iPhone feature, iOS 16 users won’t have to pay the full price of an item at the point of sale. Rather, users can spread the payment into four installments for six weeks. Actual, iOS 16 users can do this at no extra cost. 

Apple Pay Later is available for buys in apps and online when customers check out with Apple Pay, Apple notes. And it’s set up into a Wallet, so customers can efficiently track what they owe and when they owe it.

It’s also worth citing that Apple Pay Later demands no extra integration from merchants. 

Schedule emails 

Apple’s Mail app has never been a fan favorite amongst power users. Still, the app has steadily upgraded, with each reaching iOS release. And so, with the five new iPhone features in iOS 16 release, Apple is ultimately adding a feature that users have wanted for years. 

At long last, the iOS 16 release will let iPhone users schedule emails to send earlier of time. To take advantage of this feature, users will only have to long-press the send icon, and the option will show up. 

Track Packages 

With iOS 16, tracking packages made via Apple Pay will be very simple. It is due to Apple integrating a tracker directly into the Wallet app. Naturally, Apple has created it easy for merchants to add this integration to their Apps.

Updated information about a package in transit and other order details are effortlessly accessible when applied. 

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