TikTok new Music app could challenge Spotify, Apple, and other music apps.


TikTok may be getting a TikTok new Music app soon. TikTok is famous for its short videos, but since the platform is frequently people’s source of new music, it would only make sense for parent company ByteDance to launch a TikTok-branded music app.

ByteDance has experience with music streaming.

According to patent reports cited by Insider, TikTok parent ByteDance filed a trademark application with the US Trademark Office for “TikTok Music” in May. According to the document, the service would let users buy, play, share, and download music. It would also allow them to create, share, and suggest playlists, comment on music, and Livestream audio and video, according to the documents mentioned in the report.

ByteDance already has Resso music app.

TikTok parent ByteDance already has a TikTok new music app named Resso, which launched in 2020. The app is available in India, Brazil, and Indonesia and has some of the same features described in the patent mentioned above. ByteDance indeed uses TikTok to deflect druggies to Resso in Brazil. Druggies can directly go to Resso to hear the full version of songs they may have liked in a short video on TikTok.

The Resso app has about 40 million monthly.

The Resso app has about 40 million monthly users in India, Brazil, and Indonesia as of November 2021, which isn’t bad for a newly- launched app. In India, despite a ban on ByteDance’s popular TikTok, Resso is quite popular, and the application saw a growth of 304 percent in active users between January 2021 to January 2022. Spotify, in comparison, only grew 38 percent.

TikTok new Music app is not the first Music app of ByteDance.

ByteDance has experience with music streaming. A couple of years ago, it released a music streaming app, Russo, in India, Brazil, and Indonesia. Now, we decided that it was a pilot project. We mean the “TikTok Music” will inherit many features from Russo, likely those considered to be more helpful. For example, TikTok Music will approach with the capability to create playlists, share songs on social media, and interact with the TikTok new Music app’s community.

TikTok new Music app could succeed in the future.

TikTok could succeed because it was the first to offer the bloggers to post short videos on a platform just for this goal. We mean, if Instagram is for photos, YouTube is for long videos, Twitter is for temporary statuses, and TikTok is for short videos. Everyone knows this, And everyone loves watching short videos. But numerous users search for music on this platform. So they decided to launch a new service for this target. It’s going to be called TikTok Music.

Having many apps is pretty beneficial for any company. The best example refers to Facebook and Instagram. As for Resso, a button in TikTok Brazil redirects users to Resso so they can hear the full version of a song they’re interested in. With like moves, users will remain within a single ecosystem.

The TikTok new Music app will undoubtedly give great challenge to the users.

With this new creation, TikTok is trying to create a ByteDance ecosystem like Apple, in which every app will link with each other. Whenever a user goes to the TikTok app in Brazil, a button provides to the user. When you click this button, The stoner is diverse to Resso, so that they can side by side enjoys harkening to the complete interpretation of the song. It allows the app to keep users in the ecosystem and stay connected. People fond of TikTok are looking forward to the approaching TikTok new music app, and it’ll surely give great challenge to the users.

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