Twitter Circle may be starting to roll out to more users


Twitter started testing Twitter Circle before this month with a limited group, and now it looks like it’s starting to roll out to more users (via Android Police). The feature works a lot like Instagram’s Close Friends, as it allows users to transfer out tweets to a specific group of people rather than all of Twitter.

What is the Twitter circle?

First of all, we will introduce you to Twitter circle and all we know about it so far. Going by the official definition, the Twitter circle is a way to send a tweet to select people and share your thoughts with a smaller crowd you choose who’s in your Twitter circle. And only the individuals you’ve added can reply to and interact with the tweets you share in the Circle.

Twitter Circle may be starting to roll out to more users

So, the Twitter circle helps you limit your content to only the people you’ve manually added to your Circle. Creating a much safer and controlled environment. for example, if you want to share anything personal but don’t want the whole world to get that information, this feature is a lifesaver.

How would the Twitter circle feature work?

If you’ve ever used the close friends feature on Instagram, you already know how this would work. It might also remind you of the Google circles feature from the long-dead google plus. That allowed similar functionality even though the names are incredibly identical.

How many people presently have access to Twitter Circle ?

Right now, it’s unclear how many people presently have access to Twitter Circle. Further users (myself included) are eventually seeing the feature pop up when they start composing a tweet, but some users still report not having access relatively yet. Twitter spokesperson Joseph Nunez told The Verge it’s still in testing. “We’re still presently testing Twitter Circle with a group of people across iOS, Android, and Web globally,” Nunez said. “The feature has not rolled out widely to everyone yet as we continue to gather feedback.”

How to access the Twitter Circle feature?

To check if you have access to Twitter Circle, update your Twitter app or head to Twitter in a web browser. When you start composing a tweet, you’ll have a dropdown menu at the top that reads Everyone. From then, you can choose Twitter Circle to limit your tweet to a choice audience, or you can hit Edit to add or remove people from your Circle. Twitter won’t notify users if you add or remove them.

How many users can You add up to your Twitter Circle?

You can add up to 150 users to your Circle, whether they follow you. Users in your Circle will see a note added to Circle-only tweets (and vice versa), stating, “Only people in@ (your username) ‘s Twitter Circle can see this tweet.” Tweeting to your Circle is nearly like having a private account, only it privatizes specific tweets instead of limiting access to your entire profile.

People won’t be able to retweet your post.

The people in your Circle won’t be able to retweet anything you post to it, but they can still screenshot and download your tweets. It’s also important to keep in mind that Twitter’s community guidelines still apply if you’re sending your tweets out to a smaller audience.


The feature is available to them across iOS, Android, and the web. However, you can’t remove yourself from it, but you can still mute a discussion if it takes up too much of your timeline, If you’re in a Circle. However, if you get invited to a circle, you can still interact with them. I think it’s a great addition to the platform and could help users be more comfortable on Twitter.

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