GOAT STORY GINA Smart Coffee Review


Gina Smart Coffee Brewer is on hand to change your mind if you believe you’ve seen the whole pour-over design there is. This could be the case because this sleek pour-over-only brewer is made of glass and aluminum. It is a multifunctional coffee maker with an integrated scale. Gina originally attracted the interest of coffee enthusiasts worldwide when Goat Story launched a Kickstarter campaign. The community took notice of the integrated technology on a manual coffee machine and the availability of three alternative brewing techniques. Like everyone else, we were curious as to whether this is a gadget for real brewing or is more for show.

Emi Fukahori, who took home the title of 2018 World Brewers’ Cup Champion, popularized the GINA Smart Coffee machine. She utilized the GINA Smart Coffee to make the finals, which immediately made this coffee maker popular. Following the news’s release, inquiries flooded in, and it may have been because of the heavy demand that it takes us a few times to get the coffee machine.

Beauty appeal

To discover the ideal color scheme for your kitchen, the GINA Smart Coffee maker is available in white, black, or steel. With a ceramic funnel just at top that drops together into borosilicate glass pitcher, there is no plastic to be seen. An excellent steel frame that has a metal valve to control the water flow holds the brewer together.

Easy of use

Despite the “smart” nametag, the coffee is still brewed by hand. Although the technology at this place doesn’t prepare your coffee, it is made to walk you through the steps and improve your skill. You may choose your preferred brewing technique and coffee and water ratio using the GINA Smart Coffee app’s menu. The built-in scale speaks with your phone immediately.

Brew Management

If you consider the Hario Switch to be adaptable, this Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee will make you happier when making coffee. Gina’s greatest selling point is her flexibility with coffee, in fact. The special copper valve that regulates its water flow from the funnel is the key to it all. Gina is made to function just like any other pouring-over coffee machine, only with the valve fully open. What we really like is that you may shut off the valve during the initial pour to stop leaking, giving you total control over the bloom period.


This is not the travel brewer you’re searching for. In addition to being a GINA Smart Coffee maker big. It is also awkward and slightly delicate. It’s fortunate that it looks so excellent, considering that this coffee maker is intended to remain stationary on your kitchen counter. This glass flask is made to withstand extreme heat rather than falling to the ground, despite the steel frame and ceramic funnel’s strength.

What is the mechanism of Gina Smart Coffee Brewer?

The smartphone app and coffee machine communicate rather easily. GINA Smart Coffee operates in a manner akin to the conventional pour-over process. But owing to add-ons like the ceramic cover and a cool drip module that fits inside the glass carafe, this coffee maker offers three alternative brewing techniques: pour-over, immerse, and cold drip.

You must completely power the smart scale, which usually requires one to two hours before you can begin brewing. When the battery is fully charged, it may be used for roughly 25 hours. You must to install the Gina app and ensure that the coffee machine is linked to your smartphone in order to prepare coffee to use the smart scale. Once connected, proceed as you would to make a pour-over cup of coffee. Alternatively, you can adhere to the guidelines in the app.

Interesting Facts

The funnel’s bottom valve can be closed to lengthen the period of time that hot water & coffee grounds mix. I wish a standard pour-over dripper had this function, since it makes extraction more effective. Simply crank the copper handle left or right to open or shut the valve. The smartphone app is user-friendly and well-designed. I was able to choose the brewing technique, record the coffee’s weight, choose the ratio (which is calculated for you), and begin brewing straight away.

The app directs you to a website that logs the weight & time while the coffee is brewing. You can see how long it will take to finish brewing using a countdown clock in the app, which is similar to a manual pour-over procedure.

This coffee machine has a smart scale in addition to three different brewing options. This clever coffee maker may provide value for money for customers who frequently drink cold brew & pour-over coffee because it serves as 3 appliances in one.

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