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A good at-home drip coffee maker is indeed the Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker. It links to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and it makes good coffee. However, using your voice to operate the device is hard, and there are an increasing number of Amazon reviews about it. With a “smart” coffee maker, you can go beyond the basic scheduling options included in the majority of at-home drip coffee makers. The most well brands of intelligent coffee makers is Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker. Is it worthwhile to spend $90 on this coffee machine, and how “smart” is it?

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker and Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker are quite similar. It works well with Google Home and Alexa. It makes the usual 12 cups (2.84 l) of coffee. Download the free app, which is compatible with Android and iOS. The coffee maker can be set to brew at predetermined times on various days. The model has a reusable plastic filter but a stainless steel case. Plastic is used to make the reservoir. According to what some other reviews claim, this machine can brew flavored coffee.


Simple at-home drip maker with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa compatibility is theAtomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker. You may use your voice to ask Assistant and Alexa to brew you a cup of coffee if you’re linked to Google and Amazon’s services. Additionally, it has a direct connection towards the Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker app, enabling you to easily control the gadget from your phone even if you are not a member of the ecosystems for Google or Amazon’s smart homes.

It functions similarly to a “dumb” coffee machine. With a 12-cup glasses carafe and a washable coffee filter insert, it boasts a stainless steel as well as plastic design. It has two brewing options, regular and strong, which can be selected via the Atomi app or a button just on Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker itself.

Five buttons are located on the back of the device: Wi-Fi, hours per minute, power, timers, and the toggle for strong/regular brew. Even with none of the smart capabilities on, you can still make coffee, which is a convenient feature in case the Wi-Fi goes out. Additionally, the coffee maker features an automatic shutoff feature that starts working after 45 minutes.

The six holes on the coffee maker’s top lid are where water is released. Because of the deep brewing basket, especially brews with a lot of grounds will probably end up totally submerged in water. This is a welcome improvement from my old $40 Mr. Coffee machine, which had a problem with uneven brewing. There are two options, normal and powerful, as previously explained. In my tests, a 12-ounce brew using the standard brew method took around four minutes. On the contrary hand, it took around five minutes to make the same quantity of coffee on the strong option.

Compatibility between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

It’s fantastic to be able to operate your coffee maker using Alexa or Assistant once you’ve got it set up (more about that later). Simple commands like “start coffee maker” are the extent of functionality, but once you learn them, they function consistently. In a moment, we’ll discuss the Atomi app’s specifics. The coffee maker can be programmed to turn on at a particular time of day, and you can select which days you want it to turn on at that time. Additionally, when setting your timetable, you can define the brew strength. Few coffee machines offer weekly schedules, although many allow you to select a timetable for the following day.

Voice Applauds

If you already possess an Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker product, you might already have the smartphone app loaded, which connects to the Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker. The software works fine. It’s not very well-designed, and some sections can be challenging to find your way around. If you’re unfamiliar with smart home technologies, linking the coffee machine to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant may be confusing.

The app from Atomi contains very straightforward instructions. They are designed primarily for setting up Google Home or Amazon Echo devices; they are not very useful when setting up a coffee machine. Not to add that the directions are not specifically designed for Android, but rather are centered on the iOS app.

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