Galaxy S24 Ultra Beats iPhone & Ranks First In U.S. Consumer Reports Rankings

Samsung Electronics’ artificial intelligence (AI) smartphone Galaxy S24 Ultra beats iPhone ranked first in the smartphone evaluation of a leading American consumer magazine.

According to the IT industry today (6th), the Galaxy S24 Ultra received a total score of 87 points in the latest smartphone evaluation by U.S. Consumer Reports, surpassing Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max (86 points).

Consumer Reports gave the Galaxy S24 Ultra the highest score in most of the 10 evaluation items, including reliability, satisfaction, camera, display, durability, performance, sound, ease of use, and calls.

The media praised, “The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a fantastic option for most consumers who want premium features,” and “The display, camera, and processor are excellent overall, but the most attractive feature is Galaxy AI, which is practical and very impressive.”

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 3rd generation for Galaxy as an application processor (AP), which is equivalent to a computer’s central processing unit (CPU), and has added the artificial intelligence platform ‘Galaxy AI’.

The Galaxy S24 Plus also ranked 3rd with a total score of 85 points, and the previous generation model, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, also ranked 4th with a total score of 84 points.

Consumer Reports, a consumer magazine published monthly by the Consumer Federation of America, provides consumers with a comparison of the performance and prices of each company on consumer goods, and is a media outlet that operates solely on income from membership fees, donations, and magazine sales.

The Galaxy S24 series, launched at the end of January, exceeded 1 million units sold domestically within 28 days of launch, breaking the record of selling 1 million units in the shortest period of time among the Galaxy S series ever.

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