iRobot Roomba J7 Plus is the best robot vacuums


iRobot Roomba J7 Plus the best robot vacuums combines intelligence, sleek design, and advanced features. This cutting-edge device takes cleaning to a whole new level with its superior suction power and the added capability of mopping. Say goodbye to soggy carpets and hello to automated cleanliness with the Roomba Combo J7 Plus. Equipped with a retractable mop pad and powered by iRobot’s highly intelligent programming, this innovative vacuum offers an unparalleled cleaning experience.

What is iRobot Roomba Combo J7 Plus robot vacuums?

The iRobot Roomba J7 Plus best robot vacuums is a revolutionary robot vacuum that stands out as one of the best on the market. It combines the exceptional features of iRobot’s renowned technology with the added benefit of mopping. Unlike traditional robovacs with bottom-mounted mop pads that risk dampening carpets, the J7 Plus introduces a retractable mop pad mechanism, ensuring a superior cleaning experience.

What is iRobot Roomba Combo J7 Plus robot vacuums?

The iRobot Roomba J7 Plus resembles its vacuum-only counterpart, the Roomba J7 Plus, which impressed users with its intelligence, suction power, and design elements like dual rubber brushes that prevent hair tangling. Its mapping capabilities are outstanding, and as it familiarizes itself with your home, it provides suggestions for areas that require more attention.

As a pioneer in the robovac market, iRobot consistently delivers top-quality products, and the J7 Plus is no exception. Although it may not match the premium suction power of the Roomba S9 Plus, it effortlessly collects dust and debris from hard floors and carpets.

Equipped with advanced smart features, such as object and dirt detection powered by built-in AI, the iRobot Roomba J7 Plus best robot vacuums intelligently navigates around common household items and pets while effectively cleaning. It can even detect and avoid pet waste, making it an ideal choice for pet owners. Regular software updates from iRobot ensure that new functions will be added to enhance the robot’s capabilities in the future.

Like other iRobot models, the Roomba J7 Plus the best robot vacuums designation signifies including a larger base station that enables automatic dirt disposal. After each cleaning session or when the 14oz / 0.4-liter dustbin reaches capacity, the vacuum empties its contents into a 57oz / 1.7-liter bag within its home base, which can hold up to 60 days’ worth of dirt, depending on your cleaning frequency. However, it’s important to consider the ongoing cost of replacing the bags when utilizing this feature.

Combining all these features, the iRobot Roomba J7 Plus offers a hands-free and hassle-free cleaning experience. It noticeably reduced the time spent on manual cleaning tasks during testing, providing great convenience when life gets busy.

IiRobot Roomba J7 Plus PRICE & AVAILABILITY.

• List price: $1,099.99 / £999 / AU$2,199 

The iRobot Roomba Combo J7 Plus best robot vacuums is currently available online, featuring both vacuuming and mopping capabilities. It can be bought directly from the iRobot store and Amazon for $1,099.99 / £999.99 / AU$2,199. In addition to the self-emptying base, the Plus model includes two AllergenLock bags, an extra filter, and a spare side brush. The regular Roomba Combo J7, excluding the base, is priced at £799 / AU$1,699. Currently, only the Plus package is available in the United States.

Undoubtedly, this cleaner comes at a higher cost, and if the advanced features of this sophisticated robot vacuum do not align with your needs, it may not be a worthwhile investment. However, for individuals leading busy lives or those who prefer minimal maintenance, the intelligence and convenience offered by this cleaner make it a valuable purchase, especially when compared to budget-friendly options. Moreover, adding the mopping function to the regular J7 model only increases the price by $200 / £100 / AU$ 400.

It is important to consider ongoing expenses as well. If you plan to use the self-emptying base regularly, you must replace the vacuum bags. Additionally, if you prefer a cleaning solution for a more thorough mopping experience, you must purchase iRobot-approved cleaning solutions.

iRobot Roomba J7 Plus DESIGN

• Self-emptying bin

• Retractable mop pad

• 14oz / 0.4-liter dust bin

The iRobot Roomba Combo J7 Plus best robot vacuums has a sleek all-black design with a matte black casing and a gunmetal disc on top. It features a minimalist control system with a single button for pausing, starting, and returning it to the charging dock. Measuring 13.3 x 13.3 x 3.4 inches offers decent clearance but may need help with lower furnishings.

The standout feature is its retractable mop pad, which smoothly lifts and tucks beneath the unit. Attaching the mop pads is simple with snap-fit attachments.

iRobot Roomba J7 Plus DESIGN

 The front half of the best robot vacuums has a plastic bumper with a window for sensing surroundings, while the underside has bidirectional wheels, a swivel wheel, a three-armed side brush, and dual rubber brush bars to prevent tangling.

At the rear, there’s a 14oz dust bin and a liquid chamber compatible with iRobot cleaning solution.

iRobot Roomba J7 Plus DESIGN

The vacuum intelligently adjusts suction power for dirtier areas and includes object detection and avoidance, as well as iRobot’s Pet Ownership Official Promise to avoid pet messes. The Combo J7 Plus has a Clean Base for automatic dirt disposal, although it doesn’t clean mop pads or refill the water tank.

The base includes pre-fitted cleaning bags and offers a compact compartment for a spare bag. However, it lacks space for spare mop pads and side brushes. The best robot vacuums bags can hold up to 60 days of dirt, and the front LED indicator alerts when the bag is full. 

iRobot Roomba J7 Plus PERFORMANCE

• Fantastic pickup on both carpet and hard floor

• Object detection works wonderfully

• Mop works well once it soaks through

The iRobot Roomba J7 Plus best robot vacuums excels as a vacuum cleaner, collecting debris on hard floors. However, the side brush can sometimes scatter larger spills, extending cleaning time. The vacuum intelligently adjusts suction power based on dirt levels and easily navigates obstacles.

iRobot Roomba J7 Plus PERFORMANCE

The standout feature is its impressive mopping ability, leaving floors shiny and mark-free. It docks neatly, though the mop pad takes time to soak and may leave occasional drip marks. Manual maintenance is required for mopping tasks.

The iRobot Roomba J7 Plus handles carpets with care, avoiding damage or dampening. It operates quietly during normal cleaning but produces loud noise during self-emptying.

Overall, the iRobot Roomba J7 Plus best robot vacuums offers excellent vacuuming and a superior mopping experience, making it a versatile cleaning solution.

iRobot Roomba J7 Plus APP

• Can set the vacuum to clean while you’re out

• Snaps any obstacles or errors.

• Works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. 

The iRobot app provides:

  • Peace of mind.
  • Guiding users through initial mapping.
  • Offering tips and reminders.
  • Allowing customization.
iRobot Roomba J7 Plus APP

It plays a vital role in managing the iRobot Roomba J7 Plus, as advanced features rely on user interaction. Mapping is excellent, with ongoing learning capabilities. The app identifies different surface types, provides room estimations, and recommends high-traffic areas. The zoning feature helps address challenges like doorstops, enhancing convenience.

iRobot Roomba J7 Plus BATTERY

• Takes roughly two hours to recharge

• Difficult to tell how much charge remains

• Intelligent recharging while the job is paused

The iRobot Roomba J7 Plus best robot vacuums has a battery life that remains a mystery as there is no official information from iRobot regarding its duration. However, we found it difficult to drain the battery fully during testing. We completed three full cleaning cycles of our one-bedroom apartment, including mopping and vacuuming, with battery life to spare. This suggests a minimum runtime of at least 120 minutes.

The vacuum automatically returns to its base between cleaning jobs or when the battery runs out during a task. The spinning circular light around the button on the lid indicates the charging status. When fully charged, the light illuminates only the lower half of the button. While docked, the vacuum consumes a minimal amount of energy, but settings in the app can be adjusted to reduce this consumption further.


• Mops and vacuums

• Accurate room mapping

• Easy setup and use


• Very expensive

• Side brush flicks debris

• Self-emptying bin is very noisy

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