Behmor Connected Customizable Temperature Control Coffee Maker, Compatible with Alexa


With this Behmor customizable, temperature-control coffee maker, you can change the brew temperature, the pre-soak time, as well as the altitude for accurate brewing using a phone app for easy, remote control. Owing to Amazon Alexa connectivity, making the morning coffee only requires your voice. This programmed, temperature-controlled coffee maker features a phone app for easy, remote operation, and you can change the brewing temperatures, the pre-soak time, as well as the altitude for exact brewing. The first smart maker approved by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in the world uses Amazon Alexa and only needs your voice to make a cup of coffee in the morning.

About Behmor Coffee Maker

It’s not always a good idea to buy a coffee maker just because it can link to an app. A better strategy is to graft practical smart skills onto an excellent drip brewer. That is the same strategy Behmor used to create its latest $329 Behmor Linked Coffee Brewer, which is an appealing but pricey coffee maker. The Linked Coffee Brewer makes a mighty excellent cup of coffee even without smarts because it uses the same hardware that powers a Brazen Plus, among the few coffee machines that fulfill the SCAA’s exacting brewing criteria.

The mobile app from Behmor reveals the brewer’s true potential. You can control every aspect of coffee brewing using the app, including water temperature, presoak duration, and roast type, all from your phone. It lacks several features I’d want to see on an increased coffee maker, like scheduling, and it’s frustrating to pay an extra $100 for a brewer that doesn’t have everything. Behmor is onto a winner with the way it is utilizing smarts, but I would certainly think of a couple of high-end, unconnected brewers I would suggest before this one.

The Best

The Behmor Linked Coffee Brewer produces superb drip coffee pots and maintains their heat for a long time. A smartphone app that connects to the coffee maker allows for exceptional degrees of control and over brew. The machine has the ability to get better over time because it supports software upgrades.

The Poor

The Behmor Linked Coffee Brewer takes longer to brew than in its competitors, similar to other devices that heat the water first. Additionally, the coffee maker lacks functionality featured in its predecessor, such as manual water release and real-time water temperature monitoring.

The Price

The $329 Behmor Linked Coffee Brewer creates excellent drip and cleverly employs its app smarts, yet it’s still more expensive than typical premium machines.

Behmor Coffee Maker Characteristics and Design

If the Behmor Connect Coffee Brewer resembles its twin, the Behmor Brazen Plus, it’s possible that you’ve seen it before. It’s a fortunate thing that the physical footprint & mechanical brewing components of both models are essentially the same. The Brazen Plus’s ability to brew dripping coffee at the right temperatures and only hit the beans with hot water for as long as is necessary is its most alluring feature. This capability enabled the device to obtain the coveted SCAA accreditation, which is only held by a select few home drip brewers. Heavy players in the coffee machine and kitchen accessory industries including Technivorm, Bonavita, and Oxo are among them.

With such a new brewer, the outdated interface that was dependent on small buttons and a tiny LCD screen is no longer present. Instead, the coffee machine has just one control that can be seen: a big, spherical key that is surrounded by a powerful LED light. Additionally, the color of the LED will vary to indicate in which the appliance is in the brewing cycle. Whenever the brewer is continuously attempting to link to your wireless connection or is in setup mode, a little connection icon is intended to flicker.

Coffee knowledge that is genuinely sensible

A constructed Wi-Fi radio is the largest improvement to this coffee machine over its predecessor. As a result, you may now use the Behmor compatible mobile application to manage the new Linked Coffee Brewer (Android and iOS). Why bother giving a filter coffee maker integrated smarts? The larger screen on your phone and the app’s simpler menu navigation are the first two advantages. Both this device and the earlier Brazen Plus provide strong options to modify brewer parameters. However, the Brazen Plus needs you to use a small physical button and a stamp-sized LCD to access its settings.

If you select one of those, a wizard that leads you through brewing a cup of coffee will appear. However, each option grants a different level of control. The brewer then will automatically switch its presoak time and water temperature as necessary. You only need to supply the water, coffee grinds, and desired quantity of coffee (six to eight cups).

As soon as the brewing process started, the phone app’s interface and the LED light on the coffee maker both glowed in complementary colors: orange for heating systems, blue for actively brewing, and pulsating green whenever the cycle was over. Whenever it’s time to drink your coffee, the app may also give you a push notification.

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