Apple is testing E lnk’s Electronic Paper Display (EPD)


Ming-Chi Kuo is one of a handful of Apple analysts whose reports consistently warrant a second look, anyways of how strange they might make at first blush. We’ve heard plenty of reports that the company is testing its version of a foldable device electronic paper display in its famous style of being fashionably late to the party while also being the smart dressed there.

Why Apple is experimenting with EPD folding screen

It stands to reason that the company is experimenting with all takes on the form factor. While companies like Samsung and Huawei have made great strides since the first generation of foldable devices, one can argue that no one has perfectly cracked the code just yet. The screen technology has upgraded a good bit in recent years — and so, too, has E Ink technology.

Apple is testing the E Ink technology folding screen.

Apple is testing E lnk's Electronic Paper Display (EPD)

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple is testing an electronic paper display (EPD) from E Ink, which could use for the cover or part of a folding screen. Apple Insider is backed by its audience as an Amazon Partner and Affiliate, earning commissions on eligible purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not affect our feature content.

Why is apple testing E-ink company’s paper display?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple is testing an e-paper display from a company called E Ink that could use as a cover or part of a folding screen. E-ink is best known as the technology used in Amazon’s Kindle, and Apple has been researching its uses for years. However, it is also the name of a company that uses unrelated technology. Apple tests E Ink’s e-paper displays for future foldable device cases and tablet-like applications. Color electronic paper display (EPD) wants to become the mainstream solution for folding devices’ necessary cover/secondary screen with excellent energy-saving properties.

What is an E-Ink company?

Kuo posted a second tweet very late, clarifying that E-Ink, unlike E-Ink, is the name of a company. There’s no information that it has worked with Apple before, but it makes color screens called “e-paper” used in BMW cars.

What are the most significant selling points of E Ink company?

The last part is undeniable. One of the most significant selling points of E Ink is power saving. It’s a vital part of why your Kindle’s battery life rate is weeks instead of hours. But the technology has traditionally had multiple drawbacks that have hampered mainstream adoption outside of many select categories like e-readers. Claims that this electronic paper display (EPD) can use as a case due to its power-saving suggests that the iPad could get an always-on case. While this may show basic status information like time and notifications, Kuo considers it an unspecified “tablet-like app.”

What’s happening at Apple right now

The cover or second screen doesn’t have to fold automatically, which could mean the two halves of the folded screen could be separate displays. Apple has previously worked on several e-ink displays.

Kuo revived his long-dormant Twitter account in March 2022. Since then, he has been tweeting reports and forecasts and appears to have refrained from issuing his previous investor recommendations.

The notes have been relatively clear to Kuo’s sources as they say whether they base on the information from the supply chain. His tweets are sometimes unclear, and many seem to be guesswork based on his experience at Apple.

However, while he didn’t cite sources, he seemed to mean an accurate description of what’s happening at Apple right now rather than inferring what might happen soon.


As at all, one must take all of the above with a few grains of salt. It’s a long timeline, and honestly, if the reports prove out, there’s an enormous gulf between testing and releasing. It’s also worth noting that these rumors have been for nearly as long as the iPhone has. So, short term, maybe it’s stylish to focus on more attainable rumors like a USB-C iPhone.

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