Pixel 6 gets a big fingerprint scanner improvement on Android 13 beta 2.


Hello everyone, and welcome to a very exciting day for pixel users. Google’s i/o has great information. that I’m going to talk about in this blog. Suppose you have used Pixel 6 series handsets that this is for you. Pixel 6 series handsets Pixel 6 gets a big fingerprint scanner improvement on Android 13 beta 2.

Pixel 6 series handsets get big fingerprint scanner improvement on Android 13 beta 2.

Here is some great news for Google Pixel 6 series users. According to a Reddit subscriber who installed the newly released Android 13 beta 2 updates on his new Pixel, the update” highly” improved the under-display fingerprint scanner on his handset. Now here is the thing; this guy wasn’t one of those who were constantly complaining about the slow biometric reader or having to try multiple times to get his fingerprint read (which constantly sends the device owner to the Lock Screen to sign in using a PIN).

Important about the fingerprint scanner

Using the Reddit handle “just_lurking_through,” he wrote, “I was never to complain too important about the fingerprint scanner, but with this last update, there is a night and day difference with the speed and reliability. I say this as someone who was never checking for improvements in the fingerprint scanner. I just now noticed it.” It sounds good for Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users.

Some needed Improvements

But, and this is a big but, he still wouldn’t suggest that those with one of the Pixels 6 series phones install the Android 13 beta. There are just too many bugs in the beta, he notes. As we say all of the time, if you’re using your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro as your go-to phone (your” daily driver” in enthusiast terminology), you could have a problem if a feature you count on every day has been temporarily disabled due to the beta.

Besides the software bugs, a phone’s battery life is normally reduced when a beta version of Android is being tested (same with iOS). Unless you do not mind carrying around a power bank24/7, you might not want to install the Android 13 beta.

It might mean that you will have to wait until August or September to see an improvement in your Pixel’s fingerprint scanner.

Pixel 6 Future Changes

Now let’s talk about some of the changes we might see in android 13 in the future. The first change is the new unlock animation. You can see the apps will move towards you when you unlock the device, and that’s also the case for older pixel models like the pixel 5. android 13 might unify the security and the privacy pages into one page, which is how it looks.

Pixel 6 gets a big fingerprint

The next feature is called predictive back gesture. This feature will allow you to know the result of your back gesture before you complete the action. So, for example, if you are in google chrome and then swipe to the side, you can see it will show you a quick preview from your home screen to let you know that this action will take you back home. So at this point, you can decide if you want to go back home or stay on the current view. And that could be useful in scenarios like swiping one of the emails in Gmail. Sometimes, you might swipe from the edge, which will take you back home. So, with this feature, you will be able to tell whether your swipe will take you home or delete the app.

Camera Improvements

Now, let me tell you the improvements I noticed after installing android 13 beta 2 on my 6a pro. The first improvement is the faster camera access when you double press the power button. So, on the 6 pro, it’s now much faster than the previous versions.

Battery Improvements

The second improvement is in battery usage. Now the mobile network only takes two per cent, which is the first time I see it on my six pros. It usually takes more than twenty per cent after installing QPR beta beta3. It went down to about 19 or 18, but after installing android 13 beta 2, it takes only 2, which is a huge improvement for the battery life of the 6 pro.

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