7 Best Smart Food Processors on The Market Right Now


A Smart food processor can be used to purée dips and sauces, but it will produce rougher textures than a powerful blender; it works best for products like appetizers and pesto. If you want to produce smooth smoothies or purée liquid like soup, that can splash and spill out of a food processor’s doughnut-shaped bowl, you will need a blender.

In a nutshell, blenders liquefy whereas food processors cut and slice. You might favor over others, or one might desire both, depending on your needs. If you’re interested in purchasing one, we have a guide to the top countertop Smart food processor.

The top Smart Food Processor on the market right now

1. The Bosch Cookit Smart Food Processor

The Bosch Cookit Smart Food Processor

The Bosch Cookit smart food processor is a smart kitchen tool that will give cooks short on time a method to quickly produce a variety of different meals with only one piece of equipment. There are 27 different cooking operations available on the device, including cutting, grating, shredding, blending, steaming, and more, all of which eliminate the need for manual preparation.

In addition to preparing the ingredients, the unit will put them to use by allowing for beef searing and other preparations that are tracked by two internal sensors. Users of the Bosch Cookit smart machine may check on the operation and even look for prospective recipes with the help of an accompanying app. Users can use the Amazon Alexa connection to keep tabs on preparation.

2. The KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect

The KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect

For both experienced and novice cooks, chopping ingredients is set to become a lot simpler owing to the recently unveiled Kitchen Aid Cook Processor Connect, which will serve as an all-in-one cooking method. The Whirlpool tiny appliance, which will make its CES 2019 debut, will provide recipe advice that chefs of all skill levels will find useful.

The appliance has a scale feature for weighing ingredients, and it may stew, steam, puree, or mince food as needed for optimal results that are in accordance with recipe directions. As we move toward complete house connectivity, the Kitchen Aid Cook Processor Connect is one of an increasing number of linked kitchen options.

3. TOKIT Launches Pre-orders for New Smart Food Processor Omni Cook

TOKIT Launches Pre-orders for New Smart Food Processor Omni Cook

The Omni Cook, a brand-new, reducing smart food processor, was just released, according to TOKIT. The new kitchen appliance has a compact design that works in any size kitchen. The Omni Cook also has a number of high-end settings and functionalities that make it straightforward and easy to produce a range of dishes.

Over 11 different cooking modes, automated cooking procedures, a usable recipe library of frequent updates, automatic temperature management, a self-cleaning mode, additional recipe options via free updates, and adaptable accessories are some of these. While supplies last, the TOKIT Omni Cook will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter for just 72 hours at early bird prices of USD/EUR 599.

4. Vitamix’s Food Processor Attachment Precious to the Motor Base

Vitamix's Food Processor Attachment Precious to the Motor Base

Vitamix is now offering the 12-Cup Food Processor Extension, an add-on that can be utilized for everything from cutting and chopping to processing, to help users save room in the kitchen and increase the value to its current motor base. The attachment utilizes SELF-DETECT innovation to wirelessly link the motor base towards the Smart food processor and is built to carry out all of the tasks of a freestanding food processor.

With a design that’s simple to use, disassemble, clean, and store, this Smart Food Processor Attachment stands out. It can handle it all from chopping onions and shredded carrots to chopping up garlic and preparing nut butter.

5. Ninja’s Intelli-Sense System is a Multipurpose Appliance

Ninja's Intelli-Sense System is a Multipurpose Appliance

One of Ninja’s latest models is a multifunctional appliance that has the ability to save customers a ton of counter space. Ninja is recognized for producing high-quality kitchen appliances including blenders, food processors, and coffee makers. Depending on which top element is attached to the base, that an all Intelli-Sense Kitchen System can serve as a mixer, a food processor, or a spiralizer.

The system not only provides a wide range of food preparation options, but it also has technology built in to determine how long blending, pureeing, or chopping should take. With its “12 chef-designed smart programs,” Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System makes it simple to make it all, from pizza dough to ice cream. The system can quickly identify which connection has been put to the base, since it includes Smart Vessel Recognition.

6. ChefRobot Kitchen Food Processor Robot Smart

ChefRobot Kitchen Food Processor Robot Smart

All-In-OneThe 500-watt motor with the 1000-watt heater on ChefRobot are impressive. The cooking time, temperature, and speed are all predetermined; all you need to do is prepare the ingredients ahead of time and add them as directed at each step. Steam, mix, blend, scale, emulsify, slow cook, stir, whisk, knead, grind, etc. are just a few of the 15+ functions. It has the simultaneous capability. Self-cleaning modes remove even the most difficult food residue, and they can be utilized in open kitchens without emitting any fumes. They save time and effort.

7. Thermomix TM6 Smart Food Processor

Thermomix TM6 Smart Food Processor

There is much to support the Thermomix TM6.  It can also cook, cut, crush, emulsify, whip, mix, steam, blend, grind, simmer, grate, and mill. The TM6 is the appliance you need if your home is small or you just want one device that can do everything. With Cookidoo, a subscription-based service that provides users with access to hundreds of online recipes, the sturdy machine is Wi-Fi connected. Cooking from scratch is no longer difficult thanks to Thermomix’s quickness and simplicity. Get hold of this kitchen game-changer and throw out your takeaway menus and manufactured foods.

Note: Sizemore suggests cheaper, more basic Smart food processors. To keep the piece in place, choose for a strong work bowls with a large base. You need also have a sizable, sharp S-blade. Extra attachments won’t make a big difference in how well the device works, so resist the urge to buy them. It can be worthwhile to invest in a Smart food processor if you’re sick of manually dicing, slicing, grating, or mincing things. It can also knead dough, emulsify ingredients, and mincemeat. You can even ditch your mixer in favor of a decent processor.

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