Qualcomm teasing its New Snapdragon chip for Wear OS smartwatches is ‘coming soon.’


Wear OS watches could ultimately get the advanced chip they desperately need. Qualcomm teased the potentiality in a video posted to Twitter, pointing out its coming Snapdragon smartwatch chip is “coming soon.”

Wear OS 3 would roll out a new chip.

After Samsung and Google published their collaboration on Wear OS 3 last summer, Qualcomm said it would roll out a new chip in the following year. Qualcomm’s following through on that promise, although we’ve no idea when it’ll launch. (perhaps Google will utilize it in its coming Pixel Watch).

Qualcomm is preparing a Snapdragon chip for smartwatches.

The following generation of Wear OS smartwatches will need a new chip to go alongside it, and it seems that Qualcomm is preparing its next release. In a brief teaser, Qualcomm says the next Snapdragon chip for smartwatches is “coming soon.”

The Wear 4100 series includes only a few smartwatches.

Snapdragon chips power several Wear OS watches. But its most recent one, the Wear 4100 series, was only included in a few smartwatches, including the Tic Watch Pro 3, the lackluster Fossil Gen 6, and the costly Montblanc Summit 3. It’s been about two times since the 4100’s original launch, and Wear OS smartwatches are due for an upgrade (save for the Exynos W920- powered Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the first to run Wear OS 3).

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 could show effective better battery life.

Rumors indicate that Qualcomm’s upcoming processors 5100 and 5100 Plus will make on the Samsung 4- nanometer ( nm) process. The lower form factor could show better battery life and effectiveness than the Exynos W920’s 5 nm process and the Apple Watch Series 7 chip’s 7 nmprocess. However, this would also be a massive shift from the 12 nm process used by the Wear 4100 and 4100 Plus, If true.

Qualcomm is an important part since Wear OS was known as Android Wear.

Qualcomm has been a part of the smartwatch market since Wear OS was known as Android Wear. To date, the company has produced three chips in its Snapdragon Wear lineup that became the go-to choice for most Wear OS products.

2016’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 was an optimized version of the Snapdragon 400 that some manufacturers had formerly used on Wear OS, and the 28nm chip was a solid choice for the time.

Two years later, as demand for smartwatches and what they’re able to grow, Qualcomm presented the Snapdragon Wear 3100. At its core, it was the same chip, but it added a co-processor to discharge some tasks in pursuit of better battery life. But performance still suffered at the time, substantially due to the chip using the outdated 28nm design and most smartwatches using less than 1 GB of RAM.
In 2020, Qualcomm exposed the Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100. The two chips significantly boosted overall performance, now using a 12nm process that’s more effective and slightly promotes battery life.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is teasing a new chip release.

But now, we’re due for another release.
On Twitter, precisely what Qualcomm is teasing. The official Qualcomm Snapdragon account teases that “the timer is ticking on something big” and that this unveil will “wear what matters.” The animation within quickly points to a new chip release, but that’s all we know at this point.

Qualcomm teasing its New Snapdragon chip for Wear OS smartwatches is 'coming soon.'

It’s a given that performance will need to upgrade on this upcoming release, which would be called the “Snapdragon Wear 5100” under Qualcomm’s branding. The name is likely due to change, given the revamped branding in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Snapdragon 7 Gen 1.
Whatever this new chip call, there are high hopes. Samsung’s Exynos W920 chip in the Galaxy Watch 4 series is made on a 5nm process and blows the Snapdragon Wear 4100 away when it comes to performance. Indeed with Wear OS 3 advancements in mind, the chip is also a substantial contributing factor to the Galaxy Watch 4’s respectable battery life.


With Wear OS 3 on the horizon, this is something to look forward to. Though, this release is anything like the one previous. It’ll be a while before most brands board with the new chip.

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