Microsoft Could Release Windows 12 as early as 2022. Microsoft Shifts Update Schedule (Again)


Microsoft had announced its intention to release one new feature, Windows 12 Update, for its main PC OS per year. Which could have meant Windows 12 could arrive as soon as 2023. However, according to the latest reports, the Redmond giant has been obliged to scrap these plans, pushing the major upgrade back to 2024, with new features arriving via a new, update-independent initiative.

The company is pushing out a major release every three years.

Microsoft is once again moving the new Windows update release schedule. Not long after committing to a formerly-a-year feature update, the company is now looking to release a single significant update every three years with over four lower feature drops sprinkled in between, according to a Windows Central report.

Microsoft is giving itself more time to push out major updates?

The recent move from a twice-a-year cadence to one big update was largely well-received, given the Windows 12 version effects and bugs that continually plagued previous releases. It also spelled that IT admins could relax and only worry about updating systems once a year. Microsoft is giving itself more time to push out“ major” updates while delivering a steady flow of new features to the popular Windows version.

The coming release is reportedly scheduled for 2024.

By magnifying the feature delivery schedule to every three years, Microsoft should have enough time to work out any issues before pushing out an update that causes printers to crash. The coming release of Windows 12 is reportedly scheduled for 2024, three years after Windows 11. That means the (code name) Sun Valley 3 customer update won’t happen in the coming year, as preliminarily rumored.

How are companies expected to stay up to date on the latest features?

Windows users might bemoan the longer stay for major updates. Still, it’s important to highlight that Microsoft intends to increase the rate of feature drops, or what a clever marketing team is renaming “occasions ”(this term hasn’t been used publicly ultimately). One of these Moments happened before this year when Microsoft moved the Weather widget to the Taskbar.

It’s not clear whether the changes will apply to Windows 10. Bringing more features exclusively to Windows 11 might entice businesses and individuals to adopt the latest PC OS version. At the same time, randomly pushing out updates could frustrate large corporations that manage massive fleets of laptops, tablets, and desktops.

Microsoft will hopefully crystal clear things up if or when it decides to go public with this new release system (Windows 12). However, what does this mean for supporting certain versions of Windows? Will the coming major update signal an entirely makeshift OS (Windows 12)?

Windows will launch these changes every few months, starting in 2023.

The changes will reportedly start with Windows 11 version 22H2, or Sun Valley 2, which will continue to release new features (Windows 12) outside major OS updates. Windows Central, citing unidentified sources, says Windows 12 will launch these every few months, up to four times, starting in 2023.

Microsoft has confirmed the releasing the new features report.

Microsoft has finally confirmed the report, so nothing is set in stone. That said, the company said in February that it was looking into brand-new ways of releasing new features (Windows 12) for Windows and has formerly made smaller tweaks to its appearance through anyway timed updates.


While it sounds like a nightmare for businesses, I hope this moves forward and gives developers the scheduling inflexibility to release constantly stable updates that Microsoft has failed to deliver in recent times. At least until Windows 12 eventually arrives in the next two years or more.

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