Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker Review


On a Sunday morning, you’re half asleep and longing for a hot cup of coffee, but you’re too cozy to get out of bed. Fortunately, you now had Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker pre-programmed the previous evening, so all you have to say to get your supply of caffeine is, Please turn on my coffee machine, Alexa. Such words are spoken, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air.

Additionally, if speaking first thing in the morning is too taxing, you can just start the 12 mug coffee machine from the Alexa app or set up a Routine to have it switch on immediately at a certain time. Now, this smart kitchen gadget costs $89.99, which is a significant price to pay for comfort considering that it is more over three times as expensive as a straightforward programmable one. However, it delivers as promised if you’re deeply ingrained there in Alexa ecosystem and prepared to pay more for connectivity.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker for fans of Alexa

The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker has quite a small footprint and doesn’t require much counter space. It measures 13.9 by 8.0 by 12.9 inches (HWD). A front-fill basket, water reservoir, and glass carafe with a 12-cup capacity are included. It includes a straightforward display panel with such a clock with five buttons, including Manual On/Off, Wi-Fi, Timer, Brew Strength and Ready to Brew.

It offers two brew power options (normal or bold). The machine features an automatic shutoff mechanism for safety, which turns it off following two hours. It functions similarly to any other dripping coffee maker with such a filter basket save from Alexa connection. You can either grind your own beans or purchase them already ground. Then, place the beans in a filter inside the basket, add water to the reservoir, and click the Manual On and Off button to start the brewing process.

Utilizing Alexa, you can use a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or the Alexa app on your phone to use voice commands to turn your Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker off and on and adjust the brew strength. You may preset the coffee maker to begin brewing automatically at a specific time each day using the Routines feature in the app. Alexa’s additional convenience carries a hefty premium. The Alexa-enabled Hamilton Beach customizable coffee machine we evaluated costs $89.99, compared to the normal 12-cup model’s $24.99. You can’t use it for “Hey Google” voice control because it only functions with Alexa and not Google Assistant.

Java with voice control

The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is easy to set up and integrate with Alexa. Simply connect in the appliance, get the Alexa app on your phone (if you haven’t already it downloaded), choose Items in the lower right area, touch the + sign in the upper right corner, select Add Instrument > Coffee Machine > Hamilton Beach, and then follow the on-screen prompts. Press OK when the app requests access to your camera, then use your smartphone to scan the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker barcode so the app can locate it. Then, select your home Wi-Fi network, type the password, and tap Next; you should be ready to go at that point.

You must first add water & ground coffee to your machine before selecting Ready to Brew in order to use voice control or perhaps the Alexa app to brew. When the machine is prepared for remote operation, a green light will turn on next to the Prepared to Brew button. It’s annoying because you will be unable to use Alexa or the Alexa app to operate the coffee maker if you fail to push the Ready for Brew button. When you’re prepared for coffee, simply ask Alexa to start your Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker, as well as a red brew light will appear on the device.

You can link to your Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker machine in the Devices area of the Alexa app and push the power button if you are without an Alexa speaker inside the room or don’t feel like speaking. Change the brew strength on your Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker with your speech or the Alexa app. You can also say, “Alexa, put my coffee machine to regular,” or “Alexa set the coffee maker to bold.” You may also monitor the machine’s brew progress, the passing of time since your previous brew, or whether cleaning is necessary through the app. Simply say, “Alexa, switch off my coffee machine,” or tap the power button on the app when you’re done.

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