iPhone to USB-C Apple is FINALLY Switching on USB-C

It seems as if Apple is FINALLY Switching iPhone to USB-C! on the next iPhone. Well, not the next iPhone but the next, next iPhone. That’s right. The iPhone 15 is finally switching over to the industry standard of charging most modern electronic devices. Apple will ditch its proprietary lightning port and switch to USB-C on all or possibly some models of the iPhone 15 lineup destined to launch. According to Apple analyst ming Chi Kuo, in the second half of 2023, according to Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo.

USB-C will improve iPhone transfer and charging speeds?

Since the iPhone 5, Apple has kept the lightning port on the iPhone. Even though much of the industry is moving over to USB-C. recently, Kuo said that the latest supply chain survey indicates that Apple will ditch Lightning in favor of USB-C in 2023. he also noted that USB-C would improve iPhone transfer speeds and charging speeds. Now, there are many reports over the last couple of years. Contradicting all of this, saying that Apple was planning to stick with lightning for the foreseeable future, some rumors even indicated that the company might even bypass USB-C. And go right to a portless iPhone that would rely on wireless charging, but one significant indicator seems to be a reason for the sudden switch. And that’s the pressure being placed on apple by the EU.

Most of Apple’s iPad lineup already features USB-C.

The EU continues to move forward with passing new legislation that would enforce apple to adopt USB-C on all iPhones, pads, and AirPods sold in Europe. If passed, it would require apple to either ship specifically designed USB-C equipped models of its products in Europe while keeping the rest of the world stuck with lightning or adopt USB-C for all of its products globally. Most of Apple’s iPad lineup already features iPhone to USB-C for faster transfer speeds. From accessories such as cameras or external SSDs.

iPhone to USB-C makes it easier to share files.

Now for photographers and cinematographers, a demographic that Apple has been targeting a lot lately with its high-end iPhones. The lightning port is you know you already know this if you do this yourself, a considerable bottleneck for transferring large video and photo files over your iPhone to your computer. A move to USB-C would ease this workflow, make it easier to share files, and support a broader ecosystem of USB-C accessories.

USB-C is better than MagSafe or wireless charger and file transfer.

As I mentioned earlier, Apple planned to place the burden of charging and file transferring through wireless methods like MagSafe, which was implemented into iPhones back in 2020. but now, the pressure set by the EU may have forced Apple to reconsider its plan and timeline for moving entirely port less altogether, requiring it to comply with possible upcoming regulations and have to move the iPhone to USB-C. I would like to have a port on the iPhone. I don’t want to go 100% MagSafe or wireless charging or wireless transfer. I would prefer there to be both options, honestly, so USB-C makes a lot of sense. There’s no need for us to carry multiple cables around anymore. And so, I’m 100% in favor of this. 

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