Apple leaker reveals the top-secret First look iPhone 14 models.


An egregious Apple insider has leaked images of Apple First look iPhone 14 iPhone 14 dummy models — in a collection of pictures and a video released this week. The iPhone 14 anticipated launching in September 2022, but the insider shared images on May 30, several months before its debut. First, the basic looks of the dummies fit in with the rumors we have formerly heard. Four devices show, two with two rear cameras, two smaller, two larger, and 2 with three rear cameras. These should end up being the Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro we have been anticipating, with the larger 2- camera device supposed to be a new iPhone 14 Max model. As with the iPhone 13, the sides of all four phones are flat.

Sonny Dickson, a Tech insider, started his blog by posting leaks about the iPhone 14. Sonny has run the go-to source for Apple news thanks to his numerous developer skills and sources, which allow him to find hidden information in the codes of beta software left behind by unknowing engineers. Sonny maintains an open communication line, so feel free to communicate with him if you have questions or want to leave a tip.

The iPhone 14 brought significant change to the physical design.

The iPhone 14 brought significant change to the iPhone’s physical design — the phone was elongated and remastered, changing the overall sense of the device from one generation of iPhone to the next. Still, the design tweaks aren’t as drastic as they’ve been in years past, If the new leaks of the iPhone 14 are genuine.

The leak indicates four devices in the lineup conforming to the Apple iPhone 14, Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Apple iPhone 14 Max, and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Toms Guide reported that the Apple iPhone 14 pro-Max would be a new tier of Apple iPhone that borrows many but not all elements of the iPhone Pro Max.

iPhone 14 will have a raised rear-camera bed.

The Apple iPhone 14 will have the raised rear-camera bed seen on the iPhone 13. The leak indicates four devices in the lineup conforming to the Apple iPhone 14, Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Apple iPhone 14 Max, and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

A sizing test has gone on 3D mock-ups of the unreleased device shows the camera bed might be slightly larger, maybe to support a bigger lens. It sounds strange, but it’s a great demonstration of how small changes to the phones’ measurements can significantly affect how they look and feel.

Apple finally did something different with design.

The video is too low to deny or confirm if Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Apple iPhone Pro Max models are ditching the notch at the top of the screen in favor of a pill and punch design. Apple may finally do away with its outstanding notch design in favor of something different. According to reports, it will have a pill-shaped hole- punch cut out instead. We have seen a design on several smartphones in recent years, but it would be a first for Apple. The idea behind it’s to provide users with more screen space.

The charging port resembles USB-C.

The charging port has resembled the Lightning port on every Apple iPhone since 2012, but now the hole on the Apple iPhone dummy models is ovular enough that it could fit a USB- C port. Multiple leaks and rumors hint that Apple is gearing up to change the iPhone’s current lightning port in favor of a USB- C port. The move would force Apple to switch to USB- C cables – and ditch the company’s Lightning connector. Most Android smartphones formerly used USB- C, which charges much faster than Lightning and transfers data at advanced speeds.

The European Union expects to force tech companies to adopt the USB- C as a universal charger to combat waste. Bloomberg journalist and Apple insider Mark Gurman said Apple had run some internal testing on iPhones using the USB-C.

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